Canadian Starcraft 2 Tournaments Coming Soon!

Well that’s it, we’re happy to announce that we’re very close to announcing our picks for player sponsors and that we’re also going to be supporting local Canadian tournaments.

One of these upcoming tournaments (still in the planning stage) will be hosted by Playhem which is the central for online tournaments. Right now… we’re doing the fun part, trying to figure out what prizes to give away and the theme of the tournament!

So, a little recap:

– We’re going to sponsor 1… maybe 2 Canadian semi pro-gamer.
– We’re going to sponsor 1… maybe 2 Canadian gaming tournaments.

And that’s just the beginning. It’s our way of jumping into the e-sports scene and supporting the gamers that support us.

If you have suggestions for tournaments, please list them below in the comments and let us know what you think!

Sponsorship Details and Updates

We want to thank the gaming community for their support and provide a few updates to those who have asked.

First, we want to thank the participants on /r/starcraft for providing so many great suggestions (along with reasons for why we should sponsor X player/event)

Names that have been throw around (without any particular order):

Scarlett, Hendralisk, Tubbythefat, Spyte, Desrow, TT1, Slush, Drewbie,DDE, Maximusblack

Playhem Tournaments, Z33k Tournaments

So now we’re evaluating all the possibilities and figuring out what the best options are in terms of sponsorship. We are basing our decision on reputation, exposure, ‘up-and-coming’ performance and of course, fan loyalty.

From a business point of view, we would like to recommend the process and encourage other gaming companies to jump on the bandwagon and help e-sports out. In order to encourage other companies to follow suit (so we can sponsor all our Canadian gamers), here are our stats after mentioning sponsorship:

We also want to thank Stuart who purchased a Battlecruiser computer from us based on our support of Esports… and Jack who purchased a Bullet computer (with a GTX 660Ti upgrade woo!) from us as well. You’ll be happy to know that your purchases will go directly towards supporting the e-sports community.

We support gamers…
Gamers support us…
And together, we both support the growth of E-sports.

Special Water in Gaming PC Water Cooled Machines

We don’t just use normal water in our high end water cooling systems. In order to protect your system of any mishaps, we use an industrial reverse osmosis machine to remove all the minerals inside the cooling water.

This means that if, for any reason, the cooling water ever did come into contact with any electronic components, it would not conduct electricity (and therefore, no components would be affected.)

This is just one extra fail-safe that makes our watercooling systems the best on the market.

– Regular water also works in our systems but we prefer and recommend de-mineralized water.
– Our water cooling systems are bolted, fastened and stress tested with re-enforced tubing and braces. In other words, they are built to endure even the most difficult conditions.
– Special additives are added to our water cooling systems in the winter when shipping in sub-zero temperatures.

Starcraft II Gamers

Here at Gaming PC, we’re proud to support e-sports and want to give back to the community. Please use the comment box to provide suggestions for any players, tournaments and events that you feel might be appropriate for Canadians!

Right to the point: We love /r/Starcraft and figured the best way to support it (along with getting additional exposure for our high-end gaming computers) would be to sponsor a player and/or tournament.

We aren’t a huge company, but we know that without gamers like you, we wouldn’t exist. So this is our way of giving back.

We prefer a player because we feel it’s more personal (instead of just having a banner at a tourney or something) and since we’re a Canadian gaming company we thought it would be appropriate to sponsor a Canadian.

We though, of all places, /r/starcraft would be the place that would know who could use it the most. After all, this is the place that helped sponsor MKP and Crank.

Let’s do it!

We believe that if we can bring both manufacturers and gamers closer together, it will be a win-win situation for everyone.

Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think!

Destroyer System Ships – Featuring Black and Orange Watercooling

Here’s a beautiful PC shipping out today, it’s the Destroyer featuring a black and orange design.
It’s currently our favourite design!

If you’re looking for a machine that packs a punch and plays all your games, then this is it. 4.8Ghz, Nvidia 680 GTX, 32 gigs of ram… we couldn’t be more proud to be shipping these machines out!

Nvidia GTX 660ti Now Available!

If you would like to customize any Gaming PC to have the new Nvidia 660 Ti videocard, let us know via email, phone or live chat. They are fast, inexpensive and provide a great gaming experience.

Obviously, since we already have GTX 680 videocards in many of our systems, we’ll be keeping those by default but if you ever want to downgrade (tsk tsk), then let us know!

Comparision of standard water cooling versus Gaming PC custom water cooling

The difference between the custom water cooling system built at GamingPC and the one that you can buy in the stores is huge. We decided to show the difference in a series of water cooling videos that illustrate the various components used in our water cooled systems.

The first in the series is the “standard pump” (Taken directly from an ‘all-in-one’ kit) versus the pump used in Gaming PC systems.The difference is huge!


New High End Updates

We just updated the Destroyer PC and the Battlecruiser PC series this week.

The Destroyer now features the 4 GB version of the GTX 680 (previously only an option) and the newest Asus Maximum motherboard, version V. The newer version features more stability, more features and is an excellent choice for any computer.

The Battlecruiser water cooled system now features the 7970 OC videocard with 3 GB of ram and a revised price.

As always, all our systems are fully customizable. Chat with us for more information or see what other happy customers have to say.

A Look At Our Warrior Gaming Computer

We just finished putting the final touches on one of our most popular systems, the Warrior gaming computer and it’s ready to be shipped to one our customers in beautiful British Columbia. What a beauty!

The reason we like the Warrior so much is the fact that it combines extremely high CPU speeds with an amazing video card while still keeping the cost to a minimum. Using our custom water cooling system, we were able to get this machine running at a cool 4.5Ghz with idle temperatures of 36 degrees. Under full load it barely cracks the 60 degree mark.


Looking Back!

Here at Gaming PC, we have been building watercooled systems for over a decade (or very close!). As we take a look back down memory lane, we see how far we’ve come!

Here is one of the systems we built back in 2007 using a Thermaltake Armor system. It’s still running strong!