Sponsorship Details and Updates

We want to thank the gaming community for their support and provide a few updates to those who have asked.

First, we want to thank the participants on /r/starcraft for providing so many great suggestions (along with reasons for why we should sponsor X player/event)

Names that have been throw around (without any particular order):

Scarlett, Hendralisk, Tubbythefat, Spyte, Desrow, TT1, Slush, Drewbie,DDE, Maximusblack

Playhem Tournaments, Z33k Tournaments

So now we’re evaluating all the possibilities and figuring out what the best options are in terms of sponsorship. We are basing our decision on reputation, exposure, ‘up-and-coming’ performance and of course, fan loyalty.

From a business point of view, we would like to recommend the process and encourage other gaming companies to jump on the bandwagon and help e-sports out. In order to encourage other companies to follow suit (so we can sponsor all our Canadian gamers), here are our stats after mentioning sponsorship:

We also want to thank Stuart who purchased a Battlecruiser computer from us based on our support of Esports… and Jack who purchased a Bullet computer (with a GTX 660Ti upgrade woo!) from us as well. You’ll be happy to know that your purchases will go directly towards supporting the e-sports community.

We support gamers…
Gamers support us…
And together, we both support the growth of E-sports.