Our 3rd Generation of gaming Mini-PC are now available!

We have just release our 3rd generation of gaming mini-PC, the size of the machine is similar to an X-Box One® but our machines are much more powerful. Those machines are perfect to use as a gaming console or as an HTPC for your living room. You can also use them as a gaming computer and save a lot of space. The exact dimensions are 380mm (W) x 87mm (H) x 370mm (D). They run Steam OS or can be customized with Windows 10.Raven-Small

We’re proud to announce some major revisions to our Helion, Destroyer and Banshee machines. We’ve made them stronger, faster and more affordable than ever.

In addition, we’re working on a new project to bring gaming to your living room (hint: It’s small and packs a LOT of power). Look for an official announcement early Q2 2014.

As always, if you have any questions or custom modifications you want on any of our machine, make sure to use the live chat, email us or call!

Go ahead, customize it!

Here at GamingPC we love to customize computers, we offer many optionals components and different options, if ever you don’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us, we can make you a personalized quote and get you exactly what you were looking for.

Look at that beautiful Destroyer with some modification

Awesome Video From Our Sponsoree

As you might know, we are sponsoring the amazing MS.Spyte, a competitive starcraft II player from Canada. Out of the blue, she created a video featuring the Destroyer gaming machine that she is using to compete.

Here it is!


We just updated the Destroyer!

We just updated the Destroyer, now featuring a GTX 690 and the new Intel ivy bridge 3770k processor. Check it out here and you’ll be ready to frag your opponents!

Windows 8 has arrived!

Our shipment of the newest version of Windows has just arrived. It’s now possible to pre-order it. You can place your order before October 26th, which is the release date from Microsoft, but it will only ship after the 26th. It won’t delay your order if you choose to go with Windows 8.

Bullet Gaming Computer Refresh

Yes! It’s faster, better and sexier than ever: our Bullet gaming computer now packs more punch than ever before.

Here’s what’s new:

– We just updated the processor to the Intel i5 3570k Quad Core and have set the overclocked to 3.8 GHz.
– It features the brand new Asus P8Z77-V LE PLUS motherboard which supports higher speeds and additional features.
– We upgraded the videocard to an Nvidia GTX 660 TI 2 GB which is the best performing card in it’s price range.
– The price is updated as well, at a low $1229.54 it is even less than our previous revision of the Bullet.

Check out the Bullet gaming system now!

Montreal Earthquake Oct 10th 2012

Well GamingPC headquarters in Montreal was just hit with a small earthquake! Wow it’s rare that we get those over here but we’re happy to report that none of the hardware was damaged and that all operations will continue tomorrow.

For any questions regarding your order, please call us!