Special Water in Gaming PC Water Cooled Machines

We don’t just use normal water in our high end water cooling systems. In order to protect your system of any mishaps, we use an industrial reverse osmosis machine to remove all the minerals inside the cooling water.

This means that if, for any reason, the cooling water ever did come into contact with any electronic components, it would not conduct electricity (and therefore, no components would be affected.)

This is just one extra fail-safe that makes our watercooling systems the best on the market.

– Regular water also works in our systems but we prefer and recommend de-mineralized water.
– Our water cooling systems are bolted, fastened and stress tested with re-enforced tubing and braces. In other words, they are built to endure even the most difficult conditions.
– Special additives are added to our water cooling systems in the winter when shipping in sub-zero temperatures.